Rangl makes it easy to be in apple-pie order


Meet the Crate

Your Crates are virtual storage bins that show up only when you need them.

A clutter-free expanse is at your fingertips.

  • Move anything into a Crate
  • Tell Rangl when that Crate will come in handy
  • No need to think about that Crate again

Rangl is your organize-everything partner, Partner.

Rangl makes you look and feel like the most organized hand in the posse. Be ready for the hat tips.
  • Quickly and easily grab items for your Crates from your house, your phone, or out on the range
  • Impress the rest by having what you need when everyone else is scrambling and file-diving
  • Share your Crates with quick-draw acuity

What a Crate idea!

Welcome to the new frontier of file storage and sharing. We’re plenty excited to have you here.

Hear it from the horse’s mouth

Questions? Here’s the whole kit & caboodle

With Rangl, you’re able to upload and store photos, images (png, jpg, gifs), documents (Word, Excel, PDF), URLs, videos (MP4, mov) and audio (mp3, wav).

Absolutely! You can share a Crate out to any user and they will receive a link to view your crate.

Rangl is built to know what you need, when you need it. You’re able to add dates, times, locations and tags to your Crates so they show up on your home feed at the right time and the right place.

You do not need to share your location to use Rangl unless you want to use the location based feature on a Crate.

Yes! You can change a Crate’s location and time by using the Edit functionality within the Crate.

You sure can. You have the option in the app to delete individual or multiple crates at a time. Want to declutter your view but not lose all your stuff? No problem! Just archive the Crate and you can retrieve if if you need it again in the future

Yep. Rangl is for folks that are eighteen (18) years of age or older.